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Puru Puru Hearts (TPB): Puru Puru Hearts.

When Sota goes back to his hometown for the New Year's, he expects to pass the holidays with the usual festivities. However, instead of eating mochi peacefully, his great grandmother tells him that he is to take part in an old tradition called "the lady hunt" where he is to find his wife! How will he find the girl he will spend the rest of his life with in such a short period of time? And why does his childhood friend Rin seem so upset with this development? This diverse and sexy anthology features shy virgins, experienced girlfriends, and benevolent spirits. While the girls come from diverse backgrounds, they're all aiming for the same goal - to please their loves' desires! Satsuki Kanna presents to you Puru Puru Hearts, where the most pure-hearted maidens pull off the most scandalous stunts. Satsuki Kanna presents to you puru puru hearts - a diverse collection of sexy, steamy love stories that will be sure to touch your heart. These girls may have pure hearts, but they'll pull the most scandalous acts to bag the man of their desires!

Udgivet af Project-H 2016

Satsuki Kanna

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