Wren in the Holly Library, The - Deluxe Limited Edition (Linde, K.A.)

“What are you?” Street thief Kierse should have known something wasn’t right. Now she’s trapped in the library of an old Brownstone…with a monster. His powers aren’t supposed to exist. She can’t run. She can’t hide. And this man—this being, filled with terrible power and darkness—is well within his rights to kill her. Thirteen years ago, the monsters came into the light and brutalized her world. The Monster Treaty invoked a kind of peace—one that isn’t always honored. Now Kierse has broken the treaty. But instead of killing her, Graves does the unexpected: he offers her a job…a glimpse into who she really is. Kierse has always known she’s different. That she can do things a little better, a little faster. And there’s that sense she has when danger is only a breath away. But if the old tales are true, there are worse things in the world than monsters. Like a threat more ancient than legend. Like Graves. Or like Kierse herself…

Udgivet af TOR, U.K. 

K.A. Linde

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