Collector's Edition (HC)Roman Ancient Origins : Stories Of People & Civilization (Flame Tree Publishing)

Gorgeous Collector's Edition. Ancient Rome began as a village of humble dwellings on the Palatine and grew to be one of the mightiest and most successful empires of human history, before collapsing in the West under invasions of barbarian nations attracted by Rome's wealth and land, over a thousand years later. The legacy of Rome continues in the languages of modern Europe, in the calendar and the alphabet we use, and in the religion called Christianity which remains the dominant faith throughout the Western world. In this book you'll find thrilling stories of the legendary founding of Rome, its conquest of Italy and its victory over the Carthaginians, the rise of the Republic and the Empire, the recruitment and training of men for the legions, how the city's aqueducts worked, the destruction of Rome in the Great Fire, and the extraordinary lives of the most famous Caesars. Flame Tree Collector's Editions present the foundations of speculative fiction: authors, myths, tales and history without which the imaginative literature of the twentieth century would not exist, bringing the best, most influential and most fascinating works into a striking and collectable library. Each book features a new Introduction and a Glossary of Terms or lists of Ancient Leaders.

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