Drood (TPB) (Simmons, Dan)

Drood is something of a change of pace for the talented American writer Dan Simmons, who made his mark with highly ambitious, sprawling futuristic epics such as Hyperion, (which won the prestigious Hugo award) and The Fall of Hyperion, creating -- with tremendous panache and invention -- alternate worlds and societies. Here, however, is Simmons’s take on 19th Britain and two of its greatest creative artists: the writers Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins (the title, of course, is a reference to Dickens’s last, unfinished novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood). Dan Simmons’ Drood, however, is a very different literary endeavour, with the two writers plunged into a darkly atmospheric Victorian world where supernatural creatures haunt the shadows (and, beneath the streets, an alternative cityscape exists). All of this is handled with the energy we have come to expect from Dan Simmons, and along with his eventful narrative, he is able to take on notions of creativity and the gulf between genius and talent (Dickens and Wilkie Collins are pungently characterised). Perhaps those more used to the intergalactic reach of Simmons’ earlier work may need to adjust (and an interest in Dickens, Collins and in the 19th century classics is definitely an advantage), but for those persuaded to join Simmons and his two protagonists on their sinister and terrifying odyssey (a rather long one, it should be noted – the book is nearly 800 pages), this is a journey they will not regret undertaking. Simmons’s early work utilised elements from the horror genre (a constant here) – and horror reappears frequently in Dickens’ world, making this a strong literary marriage

Udgivet af Quercus Publishing 

Dan Simmons
Amerikansk forfatter og tidligere lærer. Simmons begyndte med at skriver I 1982. Mange af hans første historier og romaner var horror, F. eks. Hans første roman, "Song of Kali", men hans næste bog, den excellente "Carrion Comfort" gik lidt over I SF. Senre udkom så "Hyperion", som vandt en Hugo pris, og "The Fall of Hyperion", én lang bog I to bind, om en gruppe pilgrimme, krig, kunstig intelligens og religion. Nogle år senere kom fortsættelserne "Endymion" og "The Rise of Endymion." Et ekstra skud til sagaen er I antologien "Far Horizons." Simmons er en af de mest respekterede og bestsælgende forfattere I SF I dag.

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