Penric and Desdemona (HC) nr. 2: Penric's Travels (Penric's Mission, Mira's Last Dance, The Prisoner of Limnos) (Bujold, Lois McMaster)

Includes Penric’s Mission, Mira’s Last Dance, and The Prisoner of Limnos. He does it his way! . Penric’s Mission Learned Penric, a sorcerer and divine of the Bastard’s Order, has faced danger and intrigue many times before. Now, he finds himself on his first covert diplomatic mission. Penric must travel across the sea to Cedona in an attempt to secure the services of the Cedonia General Arisaydia for the Duke of Adria. But nothing is as it seems. No sooner than he has arrived, Penric finds himself tossed into a dungeon. If Penric is to survive, he’ll have to navigate treacherous politics—and his own feelings for the young widowed sister of the General. Mira’s Last Dance Penric, suffering from injuries attained while escaping from the Cedonian dungeon in which he was imprisoned, must now guide General Arisaydia and his widowed sister, Nikys, across the last hundred miles of hostile Cedonia to safety in the Duchy of Orbas. In the town of Sosie, the fugitive party encounters unexpected delays, and even more unexpected opportunities and hazards, as the courtesan Mira of Adria, one of the ten dead women whose imprints make up the personality of the chaos demon Desdemona, comes to the fore with her own special expertise. The Prisoner of Limnos Penric and Nikys have reached safety in the Duchy of Orbas when a secret letter from a friend brings frightening news: Nikys's mother has been taken hostage by her brother's enemies at the Cedonian imperial court and confined in a precarious island sanctuary. Now, Nikys, Penric, and Desdemona must infiltrate the hostile country once more, finding along the way that family relationships can be as unexpectedly challenging as any rescue scheme.

Udgivet af Baen 

Lois McMaster Bujold
Amerikansk forfatterinde som begyndte at skrive i 1985. Hendes største og mest prisbelønnede værk er bøgerne om Miles Vorkosigan, som hun stadig skriver. Kronologisk starter den med "Falling Free" fra 1988 som vandt det års Nebula pris, men den foregår 200 år før Miles bliver født. "Shards of Honor" og Hugo vinderen "Barryar" handler om Miles's forældre. Miles selv dukker op første gang I "The Warriors Apprentice". Den efterfølgende bog "The Vor Game" vandt en Hugo pris. Hun har også prøvet at skrive fantasy, se f.eks "The Curse of Chalion" og fortsættelserne "Paladin of Souls" og "The Hallowed Hunt".

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