Pandemonium (TPB).

Studying for an important exam is already stressful enough without having to deal with a insatiable needs of a semen devouring succubus! Whenever our hero tries to lay some rules down, a quick flash of her ample chest, his resolve crumples and he gives her everything she could gorge on. While he might have things under control with one curvy semen demon, what happens when another petite succubus lands in his lap and will he have the energy to survive!? Pandemonium is the second book by celebrated and renowned writer/artists, NaPaTa. Known for his sweet stories of love stuck couples, Pandemonium's shy leading ladies play a little timid in front of others. But when they enter the bedroom, their shy demeanor is replaced with a great smile and a unyielding pleasure. Whether you're into buxom bodies or dainty petite frames, Napata will pull at your heartstrings. FAKKU Books has also published NaPaTa's first release, Love-Ridden

Udgivet af Fakku Books 2019


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