Trots and Bonnie (HC): Trots and Bonnie.

National Lampoon was home not only to some of the funniest humor writing in America but also to many of its best cartoons. One of the greatest was Trots and Bonnie by Shary Flenniken, a comic strip that followed the adventures and mishaps of the guileless teenager Bonnie and her wisecracking dog, Trots. Bonnie stumbles through the mysteries of adulthood, as Flennikenexplores the harsh realities of American life. Dating, sex, politics, and violence are all confronted with fearlessness and outrageous humor, rendered in Flenniken's timeless, gorgeous artwork. This collection is a long-overdue introduction to some of the most stunning and provocative comics of the twentieth century.

Udgivet af New York Review Comics 2021

Shary Flenniken

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