Doonesbury (HC): Dbury@50: The Complete Digital Doonesbury - TILBUD.

The ultimate Doonesbury package celebrating a half-century of G.B. Trudeau's celebrated comic strip. This limited-edition deluxe set includes: a USB flash drive with all 50 years of Doonesbury comics, including 26 years of Sunday comics available for the first time in digital format; a searchable calendar archive; character biographies; and a week-by-week description of the strip's contents. The Dbury@50 User's Guide takes readers through each year of the strip's storied history, with historical trivia, milestone strips, featured storylines and characters, and much more.

Udgivet af Andrews & McMeel 2020

G.B. Trudeau
Garretson Beekman Trudeau er født den 21. juli 1948 i New York City. Han er bedst kendt som forfatteren og tegneren af serien Doonesbury. (Ovenstående personbeskrivelse er taget fra ComicWiki under en Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 licens)

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