Star Wars (TPB): Bounty Hunters Vol.7: Dark Droids.

Collecting STAR WARS: BOUNTY HUNTERS #35-42. The end of an era for the Bounty Hunters! In the aftermath of their battle with Inferno Squad, Valance and T'onga are joined by the most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxy: Khel Tanna! Deathstick! Durge! And...Boba Fett?! The ruthless mercenary in the Mandalorian armor has been marked for death by the Black Sun Syndicate, but this new team has something to say about that! Then, as the saga of the Dark Droids casts a long shadow, Zuckuss, 4-LOM and their fellow bounty hunters face a deadly droid ambush - and a corrupted Valance may be their biggest problem of all! Bitter enemies must become desperate allies, and the last hope for salvation may lie in the unlikeliest of hands! What role has the infamous General Grievous played in the chaos roiling through the galaxy?

Udgivet af Marvel 2024

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