Lovecraft Testimony of Randolph Carter, The

According to The Lurker in the Lobby, this is one of the oldest known amateur adaptations of a Lovecraft story. This faithful adaptation of "The Statement of Randolph Carter" tells the strange story of the demise of occultist Harley Warren. It was shot in the summer of 1987 with a home VHS tape deck. What it lacks in image and audio quality it makes up in sheer sanity-blasting length. It features Darryl Tyler and Sean Branney and was directed by Andrew Leman. The Testimony of Randolph Carter a student film; it's NOT The Call of Cthulhu. But if you're a collector of anything Lovecraftian you may still like it. Format: NTSC, Region 0, color, running time approx. 50 minutes. Note that image and sound quality are diminished due to age an quality of original footage. The disc feature no special features of any kind.

Udgivet af  2013

DVD (Region 0: ingen regionskode)
Spilletid: 50 minutter

Film Horror
150,00 kr.

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