CALL OF CTHULHU - 7TH EDITION - Cold Harvest (inc. PDF)

All is not well at Krasivyi Oktabyr-3, a collective farm hidden away in the wilds of central Russia. A fall-off in production has come to the attention of the Soviet authorities and communications are down. No one has a clue as to what is happening out there. Despite the ravages of the Russian winter, someone must be sent to uncover the reasons for the slackening production and to deal with the situation. Vigilance is key, as there may be anti-Soviet agitators at work. Trust no one! A Call of Cthulhu scenario set at the height of Stalin's Russia in the late 1930s, players in Cold Harvest take on the role of NKVD agents from the Peoples Commissariat For Internal Affairs, tasked with investigating strange happenings at Krasivyi Oktabyr-3.

Udgivet af Chaosium Inc. 2014

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