COLOSTLE - Colostle

Colostle is a solo RPG rulebook that allows you to play a single player adventure campaign through the impossible and incredible world of the Colostle. The Colostle is a castle so big that there are oceans, mountains and cities within its rooms! There is no 'outside' to the Colostle, everything is within. And stalking these Roomlands, are the Rooks, huge walking stone castle towers that attack anything they see, but hold the Rookstones, the only source of magic in this world. ​Unlike multiplayer tabletop RPGs like DnD or Pathfinder, a solo RPG is one you play on your own. The game book and system, along with a deck of standard playing cards, throws prompts and moments at you, and you must decide how your character reacts while recording your adventures in a journal. ​Build your story of who your legendary adventurer is, and what they discover out in the Roomlands of the Colostle. This A4, 64 page hardback rulebook contains all the rules and art you need to adventure out on your first quest into the Colostle. Additionally to this book you will need a standard deck of playing cards and a blank journal to write your adventures in. ​ The book includes:​ Setting and lore of the world Character creation prompts and systems 4 incredible classes to choose from for your character Exploration rules and prompts for the general lands of the Colostle, the Oceans, the Cities and the Battlements. An inspiring and fun combat system for battling the mysterious stone giants, the Rooks A full colour double page world map of the Known Roomlands Character sheet Full colour, full page artwork

Udgivet af Nich Angell 2022

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