GURPS 4TH - How to be a GURPS GM

GURPS! A game with infinite possibilities. Even those familiar with this award-winning system may not feel they`ve mastered the fundamentals and those just starting with this game may feel lost amid the possibilities. You want help. You could use a guide. You need How to Be a GURPS GM. For the player, this supplement offers insight into how to create the perfect character to fit your vision, plus three examples of character creation and two new fantasy templates. The chapter dedicated to customizing combat and using various options can be particularly helpful for new and veteran players in making aggressive altercations even more exciting. For the Game Master, the supplement discusses everything needed to run a campaign: how to prepare the game setting, assist the players with the creation of their heroes, create challenging and engaging encounters, and design and run the first adventure. With How to Be a GURPS GM, you`ll be on your way to unleashing the full potential of GURPS like never before!

Udgivet af Steve Jackson Games 2021

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