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Her Dark Wings (TPB) (Salisbury, Melinda)

Her Dark Wings is a modern-day take on the Persephone myth, infused with the intense potency of teenage passions. The richness of Greek myth is vividly brought to life by the immediacy and originality of a fiery, contemporary drama. And iconic mythic figures crackle and change as a modern girl fills the Underworld with new life. Exploring the thin line between love and hate, obsession and attraction, friendship and betrayal, this is a breathless and bold story, beautifully told by an exceptional writer. It's about a girl who realises what she wants and, in getting it, brings soul to a stagnant world, and change to an unyielding god. It's about life - and hope - blooming in the unlikeliest of places. It's about being brave enough to release your wings.

Udgivet af David Fickling Books 

Melinda Salisbury

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