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Great Eastern, The (HC) (Rodman, Howard)

A dazzling, inventive literary adventure story in which Captain Ahab confronts Captain Nemo and the dark cultural stories represented by both characters are revealed in cliffhanger fashion. A sprawling adventure pitting two of literature’s most iconic anti-heroes against each other: Captain Nemo and Captain Ahab. Caught between them: real-life British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, builder of the century’s greatest ship, The Great Eastern. But when he’s kidnapped by Nemo to help design a submarine with which to fight the laying of the Translatlantic cable - linking the two colonialist forces Nemo hates, England and the US - Brunel finds himself going up against his own ship, and the strange man hired to protect it, Captain Ahab, in a battle for the soul of the 19th century.

Udgivet af Random House 

Howard Rodman
Howard A. Rodman is a screenwriter, author and educator. In his 20s and early 30s Rodman was a typist, a legal proofreader, a mail-room clerk, a union organizer and the guitarist for various lower-Manhattan post-punk bands. The film rights to his novel The Great Eastern were acquired by the UK film company Great Point Media, and Rodman was commissioned to write the screen adaptation.

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