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Cunning Man, The (Butler, D. J. & Ritchey, Aaron Michael)

It’s the depths of the Depression, and a mining town in Utah is shut down. Something has awakened underground, and now a monster roams the tunnels. While contentious owners squabble, poor worker families go hungry. Along comes Hiram Woolley. Hiram is a man with mystical abilities derived from the commonsense application of Scots-Irish folk wisdom and German braucher magic. He possesses an arcane Bloodstone that allows him to see a lie the moment it is spoken. Behind the played-out farms and failed businesses are demons, curses, sorcerers, and unatoned wrongs. Bags of groceries and carpentry won’t be enough to save the day this time.This job will take a man who has known sorrow. A man who has known war. A man of wisdom. A man of magic. THE JOB WILL TAKE A CUNNING MAN.

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D. J. & Ritchey Butler

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