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Fit for the Gods: Greek Mythology Reimagined (TPB) (Northington, Jenn &  Williams, Sharifah)

Featuring stories by a bestselling, cross-genre assortment of some of the most exciting writers working today, an anthology of gender-bent, queered, race-bent, and inclusive retellings from the enchanting and eternally popular world of Greek myth. Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Aphrodite, and the other denizens of Mount Olympus feel almost as present and larger than life today as they did when they were worshipped as gods. Humanity has been telling and retelling stories about the characters from Greek and Roman myth for centuries—heck, the Romans liked the Hellenic originals so much, they remade them faster than Marvel remakes Spider-Man movies. And from Virgil's Aeneid to Xena: Warrior Princess to Percy Jackson to The Song of Achilles, the obsession has never waned. Yet Fit for the Gods shows how these stories still have a power of metamorphosis that would impress Ovid. Here you'll find Atalanta's wild hunt reimagined as a daring space battle; a sex-swapped take on Theseus and the Minotaur; a story that explores the character of Tiresias with a complex, fascinating, modern understanding of gender; a chilling feminist takedown of Apollo from Daphne's POV; and the entire Greek pantheon reimagined as dangerously clever, bored AIs. Brave, bold, and groundbreaking, the stories in Fit for the Gods will be like ambrosia for those craving fresh interpretations of their favorite myths, and give long-time fans a chance to finally see themselves in these beloved legends.

Udgivet af Vintage 

Jenn & Williams Northington

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