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45 Years of 2000 AD (HC): Best of Gerry Finley-Day, The.

Classic 2000 AD strips from the 'Galaxy's Greatest' ideas man! From Tammy to the Eagle, Gerry Finley-Day was one of the most prolific comic book writers throughout the 1970s and 80s. His work for 2000 AD in particular was extraordinary and included such beloved strips as future war G.I. Rogue Trooper, the 'Great escape' in space titled Harry 20 on the High Rock, the Star Wars inspired V.C.'s and a gritty 1970s take on the iconic Eagle character Dan Dare. This collection contains some of Gerry's greatest work on these strips and more. Tight plots, non-stop action and plenty of thrills are here in abundance and highlight why 2000 AD became the stand out comic title in Britain.

Udgivet af 2000 A.D. 2022

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