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Tales From the City (TPB) nr. 1.

A CLASSIC OF LGBTQ LITERATURE THAT HAS BECOME A CULT SENSATION! THE HEROES OF THIS ENCHANTING GROUP HAVE BEEN ENJOYED BY MILLIONS OF READERS WORLDWIDE! Adapted on TV (BBC), Limited Series (Netflix), Theater...and now in graphic novel form for the first time! San Francisco, 28 Barbary Lane, Anna Madrigal runs a boarding house. She welcomes people who have nowhere else to go: the misfits. This matriarch is known for her unending kindness and her superb marijuana crop. The novel starts with the arrival of Mary Ann Singleton, a prudish, naïve, young woman who escaped her dull Ohio hometown for San Francisco. She settles in with her other fellow tenants: Michael "Mouse," a personable young gay man, Brian Hawkins, an incorrigible Don Juan, and Mona Ramsey, a young hippyish bisexual.

Udgivet af Ablaze 2022

Sandrine Revel

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