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Walking Man, The (HC): Walking Man, The - Expanded Edition.

Taniguchi's iconic tales of a meandering Japanese business man who strolls at random through urban Japan, often silent, usually alone, with his vivid dreams that let time stand still. Join him as he takes time out to observe the birds, climbs a tree in bare feet, plays in puddles after the rain and returns a shell to the sea. A book in which nothing happens but everything occurs. Now presented in the original Japanese sense of reading out of respect for Taniguchi's wishes. Four additional independent short stories have been added and also 28 pages in color have been included where they existed in the original material.

Udgivet af Fanfare/Ponent Mon 2022

Jiro Taniguchi
Jiro Taniguchi er en japansk manga-tegner og -forfatter. Han har både illustreret egne værker og andres, bl.a. har han illustreret Icaro til tekst af Moebius. (Ovenstående personbeskrivelse er taget fra ComicWiki under en Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 licens)

Tegneserier Manga
300,00 kr.

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