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Wait Till Helen Comes (TPB): Wait Till Helen Comes.

Two siblings must save their stepsister from the clutches of a vengeful ghost in this graphic novel adaptation of master horror storyteller Mary Downing Hahn's spookiest and most popular tale! When their mom remarries, Molly and her brother, Michael, try to make friends with their new stepsister, Heather. But Heather only wants to make trouble for them. They know she's trying to drive a wedge between her father and their mother so she can have her father all to herself-and it seems to be working. Then, Heather starts playing in the graveyard behind their new house. She claims she can talk to a ghost named Helen, and her behavior gets even stranger. It seems as though things can't get any worse-but they do. When Helen comes.

Udgivet af Harper Alley 2022

Meredith Laxton

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