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I Am Hexed (TPB) nr. 1: I Am Hexed, Vol. 1.

I Am Hexed is a supernatural political thriller. There’s magic, mystery, personal drama, and an accidentally carnivorous plant. Witches have been a part of the political fabric of Washington D.C. since it was founded. It’s only since the 1960s that witches stood together and fought to take back the word “Hexed”. A movement was ignited when witches came out of the shadows and proudly showed off their broomsticks. The witch-hunt for Charlie, Jaya, and Florence continues as they find themselves on the run from malevolent forces both inside and outside the government. The three witches must harness their powers to defend themselves while unraveling a mystery that could save the entire witching community.

Udgivet af Rocketship Entertainment 2023

Kristen Thompson

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