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Tales of Syzpense (TPB) nr. 1: Les Mort 13 and Dream Weaver.

Collects TALES OF SYZPENSE #1-4 **TALES OF SYZPENSE **presents two titanic tales of terror and turmoil! Up first, courtesy of Lore co-creators **T.P. LOUISE **and ASHLEY WOOD, the mystery of "Les Mort 13" plays out on the surreal and mysterious island of Southport and a run-in with Eris, the goddess of strife… And then, “Power is wasted on the young!” **CHRIS RYALL **and NELSON DANIEL present "Dreamweaver," the story of an aging adventurer with a mystical secret who looks to pass on his abilities to the next generation of hero…until she has much greater success than he did and he decides he wants those abilities back at any cost.

Udgivet af Image 2024

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