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DUNGEON BOWL: Dungeon Bowl: Death Match (26)

Dungeon Bowl is the game of subterranean sporting mayhem, played between two Blood Bowl coaches. In this expansion set, the College of Life's Emerald Crusaders face off against the College of Death's Black Widows, as two teams explore a sprawling dungeon with a customisable layout – including the lair of a deadly werewolf. Will you be able to score a crucial touchdown, or will you be scuppered by the traps and opponents you encounter along the way? Inside this expansion box, you'll find the following miniatures: 13 College of Death miniatures in bone-coloured plastic: – 1x Wraith – 1x Flesh Golem – 1x Mummy – 1x Wight Blitzer – 2x Ghoul Runners – 2x Skeleton Linemen – 5x Zombie Linemen 12 College of Life miniatures in green plastic: – 1x Halfling Hefty – 1x Halfling Catcher – 1x Wood Elf Thrower – 1x Wood Elf Catcher – 1x Wood Elf Wardancer – 3x Wood Elf Linemen – 4x Halfling Hopeful Linemen Plus: – 1x neutral Wandering Werewolf, for use with the Werewolf's Lair tile The box also contains: – 7x brand new double-sided Dungeon Tiles, lavishly detailed and themed around the Colleges of Life and Death – 18x Dungeon Bowl Door Tokens – A 36-page softcover Death Match Rulebook rendered as a Spike! Journal yearbook detailing the 2494 season, including all the rules you need to play Death Match using the new Dungeon Tiles, six Sponsors, and two featured teams These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints. You'll need a copy of Dungeon Bowl to make use of this supplement.

Udgivet af Games Workshop 2022

Antal: 26. Box.

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