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RIVERS OF LONDON - Rivers of London RPG

In Rivers of London: The Roleplaying Game, players take on the roles of newly recruited members of the London Metropolitan Police Service's special magic branch, aka "the Folly." You will solve mysteries, catch criminals, and come to grips with the "demi-monde" - those who have been irreversibly changed by magic. What's Inside: The Rivers of London: The Roleplaying Game core book contains everything you need to start exploring Ben Aaronovitch's magical version of London. This single, epic volume is for both players ang Game Moderators alike! The tome comprises all the rules you need for fully-fledged Rivers of London campaigns. Build your group of freshly-recruited officers of the Folly with character creation, expand and grow those characters with the complete rules for character advancement, and enjoy extensive advice for running tabletopRPGs - and Rivers of London specifically - provided for the Game Moderator. Explore a magical mystery in London, and learn the rules of the game as you play! The solo adventure, based on the short story "The Domestic," is designed to introduce a player to the world of Rivers of London and the mechanics of the game. Also included is "The Bookshop" - a standalone adventure designed for a first time group of players. Rivers of London: the Roleplaying Game includes setting information and history, and the wonders details of how the "Newtonian" magic system works. The book also contains a full list of spells derived from those found in the novels of Ben Aaronovitch. To give both players and Game Moderators the best sense of the setting and role of their characters, special attention is paid to detailing how police work in London, and how criminal investigations are carried out.

Udgivet af Chaosium Inc. 2023

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