Mythical Science (HC) (Lewis-Oakes, Rebecca)

Do you ever look all around you, at our amazing planet Earth, and wonder how it all got there? Why does the Sun rise every day? How does the sky stay up? Where do rainbows come from? What are thunder and lightning? Since the beginning of time, people have been doing just that. Across different societies and throughout history people have had different beliefs about the world, nature and space. They have told stories about gods, goddesses and monsters, magic and mystery, to answer these BIG questions. Now we have another way to answer the same questions – sensational science! Through investigation and experiments, scientists have found awesome answers that explain how everything on Earth works, and these can be just as magical as the myths themselves! Mythical Science tells you all about the magical myths and the sensational science that together help us understand our wondrous world.

Udgivet af Red Shed 

Rebecca Lewis-Oakes

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