You Sexy Thing (HC) nr. 2: Devil's Gun (Rambo, Cat)

No one escapes their past as the crew of the You Sexy Thing attempts to navigate the hazards of opening a pop-up resturaunt and the dangers of a wrathful pirate-king seeking vengence in Devil's Gun. Life’s hard when you’re on the run from a vengeful pirate-king… When Niko and her crew find that the intergalactic Gate they're planning on escaping through is out of commission, they make the most of things, creating a pop-up restaurant to serve the dozens of other stranded ships. But when an archaeologist shows up claiming to be able to fix the problem, Niko smells something suspicious cooking. Nonetheless, they allow Farren to take them to an ancient site where they may be able to find the weapon that could stop Tubal Last before he can take his revenge. There, in one of the most dangerous places in the Known Universe, each of them will face ghosts from their past: Thorn attempts something desperate and highly illegal to regain his lost twin, Atlanta will have to cast aside her old role and find her new one, Dabry must confront memories of his lost daughter, and Niko is forced to find Petalia again, despite a promise not to seek them out. Meanwhile, You Sexy Thing continues to figure out what it wants from life — which may not be the same desire as Niko and the rest.

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Cat Rambo
F&SF writer Cat Rambo lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest. She has been shortlisted for an Endeavour Award, Locus Award, World Fantasy Award and most recently the Nebula Award. Her debut novel, BEASTS OF TABAT, appeared in 2015 from WordFire Press, the same year she co-edited AD ASTRA: THE SFWA 50TH ANNIVERSARY COOKBOOK. Forthcoming books include EXILES OF TABAT (novel, Wordfire Press) and YOU SEXY THING (novel, Tor Macmillan). She is a former two-term President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) and still volunteers with the organization. She runs the popular online writing school focused on fantasy and science fiction, the Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers.

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