Episodes (TPB) (Priest, Christopher)

Christopher Priest is one of the most acclaimed writers of both SF and literary fiction at work today. Here, for the first time in almost twenty years, is a collection of his short work. Largely previously uncollected, ranging from the horrific to the touching, the science fictional to the realist, these stories are a perfect demonstration of the breadth and power of Priest's writing. Eleven stories are included, along with commentary and reflection from the author. Within these pages you will discover the stage magic-inspired horror of 'The Head and the Hand', the timeslip accidents of 'futouristic.co.uk', the impossible romance of 'Palely Loitering' and the present-day satire of 'Shooting an Episode'.

Udgivet af Gollancz 

Christopher Priest
Engelsk forfatter som har skrevet SF og fantasy siden 1970. Blandt hans bøger er "The Affirmation" og "The Quiet Woman".

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