My Clueless First Friend (TPB) nr. 2.

With the end of summer vacation for friendly Takada and gloomy Nishimura, school is back in session. The new semester brings new changes for all the kids in their elementary class, including Nishimura. Her unusual friendship with Takada is helping her to open up little by little! But will she revert back to a wallflower when the school sports festival rolls around in autumn and Takada gets hurt? Feeling responsible, Nishimura must steel herself to be more than a spectator at the festival for the very first time! Will Takada's enthusiasm carry her through? Story Locale:Modern-day Japan Series Overview: Opposites attract when a cheerful airhead meets the resident wallflower of his new class in this heartwarming, slice-of-life school comedy series!

Udgivet af Square Enix 2023

Taku Kawamura

Tegneserier Manga
170,00 kr.

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