Eccentric Doctor of the Moon Flower Kingdom, The (TPB) nr. 4: Doctor Is In!, The.

Trying to establish a medical practice in the capital has proven to be trickier than performing surgery! Yet as Koyou attempts to get things off the ground, an unexpected encounter with a drunken, lecherous geezer turns out to be a fortuitous next step. Then later, the young doctor finds she’s got another challenge on her hands and this time it involves acquiring a critical medical instrument. After all, how exactly does someone make a hypodermic needle?! Series Overview: In the faraway lands of the Moon Flower Kingdom, people have long relied on healing methods shrouded in superstition with dubious results. When the young Prince Keiun goes in search of more reliable remedies, his party is attacked by mysterious assailants, and he ends up witnessing a never-before-seen lifesaving procedure that shocks him to the core. Even more surprising, the one who performs this medical feat is a beautiful, yet slightly odd, teenage girl named Koyou! Just who is this girl, and why is the prince being targeted by assassins? Shadowy conspiracies, medical intrigue, and romance abound in this beautifully illustrated shojo manga!

Udgivet af Seven Seas Entertainment 2023

Tohru Himuka

Tegneserier Manga
150,00 kr.

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