WARHAMMER UNDERWORLDS: Deathgorge - Zondara's Gravebreakers (5)

Zondara Rivenheart lost the love of her life – Ferlain – to a terrible curse that left him a snarling beast. Now she will stop at nothing in her efforts to save him. A stolen tome has unlocked the secrets of necromancy to this desperate wizard, and led her to believe that she might find a way to restore her beloved amongst the frozen graves and lost dead of the Deathgorge. Put the 'romance' back in necromancy with Zondara's Gravebreakers, a flexible warband featuring two powerful characters supported by a trio of Deadwalker minions. Zondara's powerful spells and Lost Ferlain's bestial strength make them the still-beating heart of the warband, while the three grave-robbing zombies – Pikk, Cracktomb, and Toyle – providing the power-couple with extra opportunities to gain glory and accumulate upgrades. This set includes a full Rivals deck to use straight out of the box, and the models are all push-fit – so you can get playing in no time. This set includes: - 5x push-fit Zondara's Gravebreakers miniatures – no glue required to assemble, cast in bone-coloured plastic - 5x double-sided fighter cards, one for each member of the warband – Zondara Rivenheart, Lost Ferlain, Pikk, Cracktomb, and Toyle - 1x Zondara's Gravebreakers background and plot card, with a complete Rivals deck list Plus, a 32-card Rivals deck consisting of: - 10x Zondara's Gravebreakers upgrade cards - 10x Zondara's Gravebreakers gambit ploy cards - 12x Zondara's Gravebreakers objective cards These push-fit miniatures can be assembled without glue and are supplied unpainted

Udgivet af Games Workshop 2024

Antal: 5. Box.

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270,00 kr.

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