COLOSTLE - Roomlands, The

The Roomlands (Hardback) The first expansion to the award-winning solo RPG, Colostle! The Roomlands expands the scope of your journalling adventures in the incredible world of the Colostle in every single way - from new classes, new combat options, amazing new fixed locations in the world and further details and lore to expand your adventures! The Roomlands also contains a whole guided adventure, 'The Search for the Seastone' - this adventure uses the base ruleset of Colostle, while providing a guided quest for you to follow, complete with story sections and NPCs to meet. You can add 'The Search for the Seastone' to your own adventures and come away with an incredible treasure for your characters continuing stories! A4, 96 page, hardback edition The Roomlands contains 'The 2-Player Co-op rules module'

Udgivet af Nich Angell 2023

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